Radian Mortgage Insurance Now Available Through Nexsys Clear Path®

PHILADELPHIA, August 22, 2017 — Radian Guaranty Inc., the mortgage insurance (MI) subsidiary of Radian Group Inc., (NYSE: RDN), now offers Radian MI directly through the Nexsys Clear Path platform.

Nexsys Technologies®, a company founded to create and deliver innovative solutions for smarter lending processes, works with mortgage lenders and service providers in real-time through their Nexsys Clear Path platform to manage order allocations and calculate settlement services, while providing a secure, transparent, and interactive interface for Radian customers to receive a Radian rate quote instantly.

“At Radian, we are continually working to make it easier for our customers to do business,” said Brien McMahon, Radian’s chief franchise officer. “This integration makes it easier, quicker, and safer for lenders across all platforms to order Radian MI through the Nexsys Clear Path platform, giving them an additional way to stay compliant and competitive.”

“Our partnership with Radian helps us continue to deliver value to our clients nationwide,” said Michael Lyon, EVP at Nexsys Technologies. “The intuitive and easy-to-use Radian interface via the Nexsys Clear Path platform enables timely and accurate delivery of information to better meet the demands of mortgage lenders.”


Radian Group Inc. (NYSE: RDN), headquartered in Philadelphia, provides private mortgage insurance, risk management products and real estate services to financial institutions. Radian offers products and services through two business segments:

  • Mortgage Insurance, through its principal mortgage insurance subsidiary Radian Guaranty Inc. This private mortgage insurance protects lenders from default-related losses, facilitates the sale of low-downpayment mortgages in the secondary market and enables homebuyers to purchase homes more quickly with downpayments less than 20%.
  • Mortgage and Real Estate Services, through its principal services subsidiary Clayton, as well as Green River Capital, Red Bell Real Estate and ValuAmerica. These solutions include information and services that financial institutions, investors and government entities use to evaluate, acquire, securitize, service and monitor loans and asset-backed securities.

Additional information may be found at www.radian.biz.


Nexsys Technologies was established in 2015 to meet the mortgage industry’s demand for a real-time transaction management platform. That platform, Nexsys Clear Path, is the evolution of provider management. As a real-time solution for the management of mortgage-related transactions, orders, provider performance, and service allocations, the Nexsys Clear Path platform is one system to collaborate with thousands of service providers seamlessly, which is critical in the changing regulatory environment.

The Nexsys Clear Path platform operates through a suite of interactive tools that include: Mission Control, which manages order allocations in real-time; Fee Point, to dynamically calculate settlement services and governmental fees; and Metrix, for visibility into order and provider performance. This flexible platform is accessible anywhere through a simple system-to-system integration or secure Web portal. The system is fully customizable and reporting is made easy by automatically formatting for your desktop, email or mobile. Nexsys Clear Path clients also gain access to the full service provider network. For more information on Nexsys Technologies and all that we have to offer, please visit https://www.nexsysdatasolutions.com/

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